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Givens Geotech provides geotechnical explorations (See Geotechnical Exploration?) and related geotechnical consultation (geotechnical engineering, soils engineering), mostly in northeast Ohio.  The company is a sole proprietorship, owned by Mr. Jerry B. Givens, P.E., since being established in June 2000.  The engineering and a small amount of laboratory testing are performed at the owner's home-office in Lyndhurst, Ohio (Cleveland).  Drilling and most of the laboratory testing is subcontracted by Givens Geotech to selected local companies.  

In letters dated April 21, 2021 Jerry Givens announced his retirement to selected friends and business associates and essentially closed Givens Geotech.

This website will remain in operation to provide interested visitors with access to three papers, written by Jerry Givens, related to geotechnical engineering, which were published in Properties Magazine between 2005 and 2010.  These papers provide information regarding three geotechnical issues which may be of interest to persons in the industry as well as persons not in the industry, as a way of introduction to these three topics.  The three papers (along with their corresponding Properties Magazine issue date and brief topic description, in parentheses) are:  "Will the Ground Support the Structure?" (June 2005, p. 65, repeated May 2008, p. 69, geotechnical exploration); "When Fill Already Exists at the Project Site" (May 2009, p. 37, building on fill); and "How Much Settlement is Normal?" (May 2010, p. 45, settlement of structures).  "Will the Ground Support the Structure?" is also provided at the end of this, Givens Geotech, website (click "Geotechnical Exploration?").  Go to "Archives" at www.propertiesmag.com to view current and past issues of the magazine and the three papers described above.

Finally, on a personal note to the reader, I thank God for my life, including my professional life as a geotechnical engineer.  Please go to www.peacewithgod.net to learn more about the Christian faith. Although I consider this as more of a gift to the reader than a recommendation, I believe this is more important than any of the many engineering recommendations I have made to others over these past 47 years.  My prayer is that this leads you to peace in this life and to eternal life.  May God bless you.
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